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Australia has a diverse and unique natural environment with some the last undeveloped wilderness areas left in the world. The contrast of the landscape varies from immense desert regions to impressive alpine mountain snowfields; from rainforests dominated by huge trees to the numerous tropical islands and coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef. Surrounding this great land is vast coastline, stretching for some 36735 kilometres and made up of sandstone cliffs which resemble gothic grottoes, the fingerprints of storm and wind, and golden beaches that stretch for many miles at a time.

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Motoring is a delightful way to see Australia and there are many formalities to impede the progress of travel other than fruit fly and tick checkpoints at some State borders. One can travel as one pleases and explore places near and far. The vast network of highways and roads link the great cities, towns and country areas and range from broad freeways to well-worn dusty tracks across the great Australian inland. For the more adventurous traveller there are also enormous tracts of frontier which can only be explored by four-wheel-drive vehicles. Most visitors are drawn to the beauty and excitement of the great Australian ‘Outback’. And many travel on their own self drive campervans to destinations off the beaten track.

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You should always start your journey by researching and preparing an itinerary. In this way the traveller can properly plan a tour to take into account budget, mode of transport stop-over points and places to visit. Now this is where we come in, our campervan rental can take you places, stop-over points and will save you money on your trip and accommodation. When you travel on our campervan rental, you will be served with an all in one accommodation and mode of transport you require for your self drive holiday. And touring this vast and great continent, it is best to discover it on the road. All you need to prepare is your itinerary and detailed maps of your intended route.

Motoring is a delightful way to see Australia, giving travellers flexibility and independence. They can travel as they please, explore places near and far, and stop whenever the mood takes them. Australia is serviced by a vast network of highways and roads, ranging from broad freeways to well-worn dusty tracks. Our campervan is the ideal vehicle for motoring, which able to deal with the worst road conditions with ease. There are many roads that can be explored all year round, and they all pass through majestic country and lead to exciting destinations.

Travelling in our campervan allows ease of catering which adds that little bit more comfort for extended tours, without having to spend money on expensive accommodation. Our campervans are fitted with all your required necessity; convertible beds, water tank, extra storage space and gas stove.


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Why pay more when you can have a budget 4wd hire?

Australia is a big and massive land. It will take you forever to discover this great land. Most people like to hit every cities and attractions while they are Down Under. But, it will be too hard and expensive if you are relying on tours and buses. Most backpackers rents campervan, motorhome or 4wd to go to places. With this mode of transport, people are free to go anywhere at anytime and for less.

The great thing about your 4wd rental is that it has all your needs for your roadtrip adventure. Its almost like a motorhome, but it is smaller. You get your bed, roof top tent, camping gears and can fit up to 5 people so you can bring the whole family.

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You get all in one accommodation with your hire, and you will save plenty of money. It would be wiser to spend it on something more important things like beers, shark dive adventure or even enjoying the wine in Victoria. Now, that is something you should think about.

On your 4WD hire you can take the east coast track and enjoy east of Australia. You can start from Adelaide, head to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and end up in Cairns. From there you can drive your 4WD to see the Outback of Australia. See Ayers Rock, Darwin and drive your way to Broome. From Broome you can head down to Perth and enjoy the west of Australia. It will be much cheaper for your to drive on our 4WDs. And you have the time to enjoy your trip without the tight schedule like on tours.

The roads in Australia are world class. Easy to drive on and plenty of road sign so you will not get lost. The roads and highways are a big network and are integrated. It can connect you to cities and towns that you wish to visit.

If you are planning to take trip and discover every edge of Australia, then you should consider driving on a 4wd campervan. With your 4wd campervan rental, you are free to go anywhere at your own pace. There is no time restrictions and schedules, you are free to go and do what you wish to do. We offeri a range of cheap 4WD campervans for hire from most major Australian cities: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Perth, Cairns, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Alice Springs, Broome, Exmouth, Hervey Bay and Hobart. Our cheap campervan is the best and most affordable way to see Australia. Make your Outback holiday an awesome adventure when you hire of our 4wd campervans and hit the road! Cook your breakfast in your camper van, pull on your camera and make your adventure an awesome one! 4WD campervan hire offers you a reliable, safe and cheap campervan hire, for your Australian outback holiday.

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When you book your 4WD campervan with us, you will receive massive discounts on your hire. Our 4WD campervans let you get off the beaten track and see more of Australia. Just like our regular campervans on the inside, the 4WD campervan allows you to explore the dirt roads of Australia’s North and Outback and see places most backpackers miss out on. For a great start to your holiday book our 4WD campervan! Here you will find quality, safety, cheap, and perfect 4WD campervan offers. Unlike most 4WD Hire companies, our 4WD rentals offer vehicles for all ages! Perfect for Under 21’s and Backpackers, our Backpacker 4WD’s are cheap, reliable and great for seeing outback Australia.

Our cheap 4WD campersvan hire is the best and most affordable way to see Australia. Each budget camper comes with a unique paint job, comfy bed, kitchen and loads of storage space. With 13 locations across Australia, our 4wd rental is perfect for one way offroad rentals and weekend getaways. So get off the sealed roads and see the real Australia Outback in our 4WD. With 6 categories of 4WD’s to hire, we offer amazing flexibility for your 4WD Holiday. And unlike most 4WD Rental companies, we let you see more of Australia for less.