Roadtrip Australia on a 4WD Campervan

4wd campervan

4WD Campervan Australia

Roadtrip Australia on a budget

There are many ways to tour Australia, and they all offer attractive advantages. The most popular modes of transport include motoring in your own vehicle, travelling by a campervan, 4wd or motorhome. When touring on a 4wd campervan, all you need is a blanket to sleep under the stars. There are hundreds of caravan parks you can stop to, the choice is yours.

Motoring is a delightful way to see Australia, giving travellers flexibility and independence. You can travel as you please, explore places near and far, and stop whenever the mood takes them. Australia is serviced by a vast network of highways and roads, ranging from broad freeways to well-worn dusty tracks. A 4WD campervan is the ideal vehicle for motoring, which able to deal with the worst road conditions with ease. There are many roads that can be explored all year round, and they all pass through majestic country and lead to exciting destinations.
4wd campervan
Travelling in a 4WD campervan allows ease of catering which adds that little bit more comfort for extended tours, without having to spend money on expensive accommodation. A 4wd campervan is fitted with all your required necessity; convertible beds, water tank, extra storage space and gas stove.

Camping grounds can be located in most towns and resort areas along highways and near the ocean. Although the standards vary from one caravan park to another, they all provide the basic amenities of electricity, hot and cold showers, toilets and laundry. However, during the busy holiday period you should make bookings in advance.